Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catching up

Well soccer and football season are over! Thank Goodness. Both kids are singing in 2 choirs and they are busy as ever ! This week starts basketball ! PJ is Shining star this week in school. Skye-Lynn is starting a computer art club at school. Skye-Lynn's school band is kicking into high gear and she keeps breaking her oboe reed! Patrick Sr is still loving football. I have been selfish and after 13 years starting taking time for myself. I feel guilty but the older I get the more I need it. Things have been OK except the economy is rough right now. Business for me is slow and clients are growing less and less. I am finding it hard sometimes to make bills. I need to pull in more clients. I have even started Westfield Diaper Gifts making wreaths,pizzas and heros out of diapers! I have to do something. If the economy or my clients don't pick up I may be closed by spring! After 13 years I would be totalled! On the other hand the outside workforce is no better. So I am danged if I do and danged if I don't! So please anyone that reads this please pray my business will turn around quickly or else I hope a money tree sprouts in my yard. PJ's reconciliation is coming up at the end of January and then communion is in Spring. Wrestling starts in November! Which starts tournaments and travel. Tell me do things get better? I hope Santa brings me something nice, do you know what I want?????? 1 week of no worries! I think Santa might be able to give me a brand new sports car easier then no worries.
Anyway, the kids are doing great. Skye is improving in school every day and PJ as of the 1/2 way point has straight A's. He also just got the lunch bunch award and he is on Student council. He is doing well in Cub scouts . Skye-Lynn is going to play volleyball this winter for our CYO team. Busy Busy Busy Busy!
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