Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today was PJ's birthday

Today I actually got to be mom! My baby boy's birthday was today 10/14/08. I felt so happy being there for my babies. Today is was busier then if I would have been open today. My day started at 5am as always. We drove Patrick to work and I got Skye-Lynn ready for school. Skye took the bus and then I had time to spend with PJ (the birthday boy). PJ looked so handsome for school today. I drove him into school and walked him to class. Next my Skye had a case conference. So for the next 1 1/2 hours I was at my baby girl's school trying to see if anyone has any new ideas on how to help her! Next I had an appointment! Then it was time to pick up some groceries really quick, pick up McDonald's and bring PJ a special lunch for his birthday. We and had lunch with PJ and 2 of his friends. After that I ran home starting making PJ's cake which is what he asked me to make. His cake was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with chocoate pudding, chocolate chips and chocolate fudge filling trimmed in orange and blue (UF colors)...(pictures will come soon). I also made up the bags for his class and mopped the floor in the kitchen and back porch. So after that I ran back to PJ's school brought the bags and picked up the snacks for the party in the cafeteria (blue jello and apple juice). After that Skye and PJ had church choir and after that PJ had game one of his tournament. Well they lost and the season is over. I also resigned from the WYSA executive board because my morals may be compromised. We ate PJ's birthday dinner (chicken nuggets, french fries and cheese and mac and cheese) about 8:15pm and now about 10:30pm we are in bed and tired. My baby is 9 and my baby girl will get some help in school and mommy looks forward to the family vacation next week!!!!!!! All of us off for 4 days. I will be posting pictures later. I love my baby boy and my baby girl and now I am exhausted. Good Night.
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