Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello all! It has been such a long time since I wrote. Kids are getting big and they are the greatest! It is now wrestling season for PJ and Skye is wrapping up finals and starting new electives in school. I can't believe it is November!!! So far the weather is just beautiful. Today it will get up to the mid 60's, not Florida weather but still really nice. Speaking for Florida we are still undefeated and in the SEC title game and looking for a BCS title shot !! Go Gators!

Patrick Sr and I will be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it. PJ is now 10 and Skye will be 13 in March. We will have a teenager on our hands.

PJ is getting ready for his first ever spell bowl, he has been working so hard and he is so excited so please keep your fingers crossed for PJ.

Tonight I am making baked chicken breasts seasoned with wostershire and garlic, it sounds yummy!!!!

This coming week is jammed packed for us, I really need the day off on Monday but I don't see it happening even though I have it closed on the schedule since September. ARGHHHH!!!!!!

Things are ok for us right now, as with us things come from left field out of the woodwork totally unexpected for us to deal with be we do!

Si I promise to try and blog more especially with all the new and changing things coming.
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