Monday, December 21, 2009

The Monday of Christmas week

It is the Monday of Christmas week.

I have 2 babies still sleeping in bed and 2 other babies out here playings and having fun and full of smiles.

I love when Skye and PJ are off from school,maybe I am selfish I just want them with me 24/7.

One of my little babies got a new swing, this is one he was at home and I am sogladI got it because he loves it!

He is happier in this swing then anyother swing I have had.

This week is a short easy week and I am so excited.

When my babies wake up I plan on doing salt dough ornaments with them, they look easy and fun!

Pat works today,tomorrow, Wednesday and a 1/2 day Thursday then off until next Monday.

I still have no gifts for the kids,ahhh Christmas eve shopping!
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