Friday, December 11, 2009


To say this week has been a trying week is an understatement! We have started getting the tree up but by the 6 boxes in my living room I can say completion is still days away!
Every light bulb in the house is out!
Mom has been in CCU at St John's since last Wednesday night and to say my brother and I don't see eye to eye on quality health care.
She is very confused and out of it. I am not going to get too much into it because every aspect of this has been really bad.
I just have one question how come I take care of my family, has custody of my kids and basically do what I am suppose to do and I am always put through my paces.
My brother can give up custody of his kids to my mom and not pay child support, marry someone else and have another child with them and be the "GREAT ONE". I just don't understand and would like someone to explain it to me please.
We are facing a lot of issues right now and would love some help but I don't see that  coming any time soon.

Patrick and I will be married 14 years a week from today.
14 years WOW!!!!
It seems like forever!

I am typing this half asleep even though it is 7:39am.
It will be a busy week and weekend.

I need a me day really badly! I need it soon.

I am laughing at PJ trying on shirts for school, some too big , one too small , I hope he finds the just right soon.

Tomorrow I have to hit church and confession. I need to fully have the Lord in my life 24/7. I have to make an effort to go to church. I need the Lord more then words can say. When I am fully committed I feel better physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I think we are moving soon. We just need a bigger house! I think we found one! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope it works out. Going to see the house Saturday. I really want a new house.

It is still snowy and icy out, when is spring???

Next  week PJ returns back to the mats!

I really wish I had the day off today! I am hoping to get to H&R Block today, please pray I make it. We have to straighten out our 2007 taxes before we file 2009.
PJ's fall 2009 school picture

** Skye missed pictures so we are going to do some glamour shots **
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