Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am testing Blogging by my phone

Well I
 am at wrestling with PJ and I am super bored! So I am trying to blog and surf the web by my phone just to keep busy. PJ is going to be thrilled  I got his Red Cobra singlets and one of them is the blue one that he wanted! He is going to be thrilled.  The drive here today was not bad. Traffice for the first part of 465 then it cleared! Tomorrow starts basketball for PJ. He is on the Oregon Ducks! He was on the Ducks in football 2 years ago, good thing we already have shirts! I really like Red Cobra, not really anyone for me to talk to just yet but if PJ is happy and learning and starting to win matches I am thrilled to peanuts! You can tell I am bored since my blog is all over the place I am bored! Oh well, I am entertained for the moment. I wonder what time it is?  I love my kids so much! I have the best baby boy and girl. I have an

wesome husband I love with all my heart.
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