Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Mind is Full.......No More Please!

Well to say the last 2 days have not had my brain spinning is an understatement!
My stress level is through the roof and I don't see any sign of chilling out!
I am missing home (the east coast -  from NJ-FL) a lot more and I really can picture us there.
Moving back east is not as easy as it sounds. Making sure the kids are happy and willing is my #1 mission.
Oh well..................... if you happen to read my blog can you take a moment to say a prayer for my family or offer up good wishes for us please. Right now life is a BIG question mark surrounded by thick fog.
I know the Lord will guide us where we need to be but in the mean time I am a nervous wreck.
Tonight I pulled my credit report.... Like I needed something else to worry about. I do see some mistakes and I do see somethings that are interesting! Another project for me to do.
A/C is not working yeahhhh................ this has been going on about a week.
It is 11:52pm and I am so uptight I can't sleep.
This is not fun!
Tonight PJ and I started walking/running! I actually feel pretty good about this and feel good doing it. I really enjoyed it.
Tomorrow I pray to the Lord that is winds up being a day off for me. I need  a time just me and the kids.
I hope PJ gets to wrestle this weekend! He is scheduled to but we will see!
Next week starts run, run, run! Soccer, baseball, scouts, volleyball, wrestling! Fun Fun Fun!!!
Who am I kidding I love it!
I have the best kids in the world!
Oh well time to wrap this up since I am just babbling!
Tomorrow a huge day! Spring Break, Taxes, Credit Report, Soccer, clean the house, laundry, try and figure out our next move.
WHAT IS OUR NEXT MOVE???????????????????????????????????????????
Trust the Lord
Trust yourself
Family First
Talk about it and don't keep it in
The Lord Gave Us Mountains So We Can Learn How To Climb!

Dear Lord, Please Watch over my family and guide us the way we need to go. AMEN!
Furgason's 1999

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