Thursday, July 22, 2010

There is a lot on my mind!

It is time for vacation and as I got into my rest period I have my mind filled with a lot. Right now if you are reading this I need prayers. I have openings for new clients that I need very bad.

This weekend PJ has a tournament and we are trying to get into back to school mode.

My vacation goals:

1. Get the house clean head to toe basically anal retentive clean.

2. Get 100% organinzed and filed.

3. Have interviews for new clients and be flexible.

4. Orgainze the Furgason Family finances.

5. Get my head screwed back on straight

6. Decide how I am going to handle my health issues

7. Come up with an awesome special so I can be square

8. Get back with my Lord. Be able to say I stand side by side with my Lord. Trust in the Lord to take my hand and guide me through the days ahead.

9. Get my family running on all cylinders

10. Calm down and rest!

Tomorrow is head to toe bleach down, deep clean every room, every nook and crannie of my home and get ready to go!

I can't wait to spend vacation with my kids and hubby!!
Please keep me in your prayers that I can grow over these 10 days and at least have a plan.

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