Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sort of in disbelief that it is November. Sort of in disbelief that Christmas is literally being forced down our throats. We are living day by day. It is tight and we are making it but I feel it getting tighter and Big Pat is getting grumpier and less of a team player. I have been so stressed out lately. Too much going on, there is too many stresses in my life and there is not any help. I honestly wish I could tell my husband everything that is on my mind and I wish he would take is seriously. He has no interest in the family as a whole. He is always worried about things that mean nothing. I save money all the time where instead of using a coupon and saving a few bucks he would just go and blow money. I have no clue why I am just rambling on , I guess I have no one to talk to so this is my only time to vent. If I don't have all my daycare slots filled by 12/31/10 I am closing the daycare for good and going into corporate America. I am going to start taking over the entire home because if he doesn't want to take interest I don't need him. Don't get me wrong he does nothing wrong he is just not an active participate in this family.
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