Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why Did I Read That?

Friday,November 26,2010
It is the day after Thanksgiving.
It is Black Friday.
I did not shop.
It is  11:48pm
I cleaned 1/2 my bedroom.
I had a fairly stressful day for the lazy day it was.
Thanksgiving is the same as always.
Just Pat, myself and the kids at home.
No one invited us or called up.
What is on my mind: The Financil aspects prior to tax time for the next 6 weeks.
Am I stressed: Yes .... 100% ... Without a doubt stress.
I feel like running away and screaming!
What am I feeling? Sadness... I just read a blog and I know this person wrote a thruthful feeling but it is not something I can deal with and in my eyes it seems very premature. In fact the last 2 paragraphs of this blog crushed me and sickened me.
Well on another note , yesterday was Thanksgiving!
Here are pictures from yesterday

I made all of it!!!
Where am I? In my room
What and I watching / listening to? Sister Act 2
What am I feeling? Sadness, Anxiety and Confusion
Oh well I am going to play on my computer a few more minutes and then bed!
I need the world to stop so I can figure it out.
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