Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last night Fox 59 posted a picture on their facebook page. This picture was of the Butler fans loading into Hinkle fieldhouse at midnight to welcome Butler home from the Elite 8. Butler beat Florida in overtime. That is hard for this Gator fan to write but I know there are many more wins for Florida to come. Well back to the picture. Parents has young children their at 1:00am , in under 30 degree weather with a bunch of drunk college kids. I am sure they were there because the parents were selfish  and thought it was not big deal to have their child in this situation. My only hope is that social services reviews these pictures and invite these parents to parenting classes. It was not like these kids we are a lock-in or a family emergency they weren't even at a game they were at a welcome home event for a team that got their by luck and bad calls not by Skill. This should have been an over 18 event and I admonish Butler for their poor judgement. Grow up parents and keep your kids safe.
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