Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Out of all of the ones we tried this one was about the worst!
- left a lot of areas untouched
- they were late
- very unprofessional
- talked about things that I should have never heard
- the job was very rushed

2nd : Maid Pro

- left several areas untouched
- they were late
- not very professional looking
- many excuses why things didn't get done
- the most expensive

3rd : Molly Maids

- they were early
- very young
- did one of the better jobs
- they had me for a 2 hour clean , seemed to go slower , run out to their car to get items and then tell me if I wanted my main for done it would be another 2 hours hmmmm...............................
- all in all a good job however would not hire too young, the girls pants keep falling down, stuck me for more money to get my entire house cleaned and they don't make beds

4th : Maid Brigade

- these were the best!
- my house shined
- 3 girl crew
- the Mexican girl that did my kitchen was fabulous!!!!! my toaster looked like I pulled it out of the box!
- beds were made
- everything was touched
- price a little higher but worth it!

5th: The Maids
- Got an estimate
- I was suppose to hear back from them so they could start this week
- Never heard back from them : (

Do your research before you get into a weekly service with any company! Check out reviews, see who is a BBB or Angie's list member, ask your neighbors and be there when they do your 1st cleaning you will see and learn a lot!
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