Friday, November 25, 2011

My Take On Black Friday

Ok...... Now I know many will not agree and if I cared I wouldn't be writing this. Black Friday is an excuse for people to act like assholes, yes that is what I said . People have no self respect and respect for others. On the news I heard of cars being broke into, a stabbing , people being pepper sprayed by a "competitive" shopper, fights etc......... Really...... I went out in the early afternoon because I was out of diet coke, I personally was pushed and cut off and almost hit my 4 cars .... Assholes....... I looked at the savings on items since I was blessed with over 1000 , yes I said 1000 pages of ads through the local paper, I didn't see anything but a couple of dollars in savings really....
Ok you waste your time on line to get in the store, you wait on line to pay, you wait for a parking space, you get pushed and shoved and what you may or may not have accomplished is saving a few pennies on an item for commercial Christmas ! How do you feel tired , angry? Probably.........
What if you took that time helping at a food pantry? What if you went and read to a child? How about volunteering at the hospital? Walking a sick neighbors dog? Going to church? Fixing a grave marker at the cemetery?
What could you have done that would have really helped someone or even yourself?
Think Jesus is the reason for the season! Christmas does not mean Apple ,fisher price, American eagle, Lowes or the Gap!
If you were to meet your maker tomorrow would he care you scored a $50 off tv at target on black Friday?
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