Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have to blog I am sorry!

It is 9:46pm and today was a day from that place South of heaven! I love what I do but sometime it seems like the bad side of the moon hangs over my home. Like today, I cleaned my carpets this weekend and got them looking better and alll it took was 3 boys to make them look like I did nothing and I feel like a failure. My home looks like a bomb went off in it! My own kids today didn't help. They contributed to a peace of stress also. Even the guy that took my son's soccer pictures , I get a call at 9:08pm saying there was no money in his picture envelope. I put $35 in cash and sealed it. Well I raised Caine! Get a call back 30 minutes later they found my money! Can I catch a break!???? PLease I need a nice calm day. Do you know what was the bright spot of my day when everyone else was sleeping today, playing with the Baby! We both got on our bellies and the things he can do now I cried! Not sad but happy tears. I didn't realize that one baby could tug at my heart so much and the thing is the baby is not one that I gave birth to but every time I see the baby face all my stress and problems melt away. The baby is my angel a blessing !
Has anyone followed this Casey Anthony??? Is that baby alive?
Oh well tomorrow has to be better. This blog makes no sense!
Tomorrow is going to be a sad day my mother-in-law passed away 7 years ago, that was a sad day! Tomorrow I kind of hope he forgets. He was very close to his mom.
Skye-Lynn has been crying all night.
Well maybe next week will be better.
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