Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Monday

Monday, is there anything more to say then that!
Lately Monday morning seems like a cruel and evil prank!
Maybe because weekends for us are so busy, may be because the weather is getting colder, maybe because I am just getting older who knows???
Updates, PJ had pinkeye this weekend so no sports or events.
At Skye's school there was a dance , it would have been her first school dance. Well Skye decided not only not to go but not even to tell me the dance was taking place. ARGHHHH!

So quiet weekend for us!

I am really thinking long and hard about closing my daycare in 2011. PJ will be in 5th and Skye in 8th and mommy needs to have a home and work outside the home..

I will say one thing it is cold out! It is about 48 here in Indiana but after the nice weather we have been having it feels like about 20. BRRRRR

I really have my hands full with one dbk. OMG it gets worse every day at first it was great the dbk was really good and as they get older it becomes a nightmare.
I have seen this happen in one gender more then the other.

Hubby didn't come home for lunch, that is strange. Not totally unexpected but strange he noramlly tells me when he is not coming home for lunch and today I made chicken wings. Oh well we will try again tomorrow.

This week is a huge week in this house. Little man has his Spell Bowl, not for nothing but I really hope someone gets sick or not "available" so my PJ moves into that next chair. What my baby boy wants my baby boy will get it for him one way or another!

I know I sound scary but if you are a mom you know where I am coming from.

We are in crunch time for the next 2 weeks. No diet coke.
Warning be prepared for meltdowns and tantraums!
I am a lunatic witch without diet coke!

Little man has a tournament this weekend, I am so excited I love to see him kick butt!

Next week is Thanksgiving.
Still trying to plan my menu! It looks like it is only going to be us but you never know.
Getting really excited we will be in NC in a couple of weeks.

I am sure I will be blogging more this week especially Thursday.
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