Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twas the Eve of the Eve of Thanksgiving! lol

It is Tuesday, yep Tuesday. I love Tuesdays for the sole purpose of the all day every Tuesday SVU marathon. Svu and a diet coke can place any issue tucked away in a dark place.

Twas the eve of the eve of Thanksgiving and all through the house NOT A DAMN THING IS DONE OR PREPARED!

I really want to be into the holidays but lately I am feeling the need for family at least for my kids. When my mother-in-law and my grandmother were alive we use to have awesome holidays. Since their passing the holidays are not what they use to be.

Maybe I will get a chance at family holidays 40 years from now lol when my kids are married with families, or I may be lonlier then I am now at the holidays.

My mom had the nerve to ask me for a high chair for damn Isabella (the demon spawn of my brother in his second joke of a marriage) because Mike, Whore Tanya, Isabella were coming to have Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and my brothers other kids that he forgot. That takes balls. I wish every day she wasn't my mother. I hate her so much. The only mother I can say I miss and love is my husband's mom. That is sad but she has turned her back on my kids, mainly because she is jealous of them. I am being dead serious, she is jealous of them which is digusting and has caused me to not even care about her.

Well on to other things.....................
Trying to plan my menu for Thanksgiving as of the posting of this blog the Turkey has not even been purchased yet.
I am still trying to talke hubby into going out to dinner, a nice buffet. He is a traditional boy for the most part and that is not going to fly.
We at out 1 Thanksgiving in Florida, only because I was working the buffet at the hotel, all day long and even my father-in-law came down to see us.
Do you know the entire time we were in Florida my mom never just visited, but during my time in Florida my brother was in prison.

So what do you think cook or go out????????
Skye's vote is for Chinese! lol

For the past 3 years I have made massive spread for Me, Hubby and the kids. This year I have no passion for it and I don't see a need for it.

Oh well.
Things to do:
#1 Decide if we are eating home or out for Thanksgiving. (everyone know my vote)
#2 Get Chocolate chip cookies (I want chocolate chip cookies, I am craving chocolate chip cookies)
#3 Clean my house
#4 Get a back bone
#5 Clean my house
#6 Get over the kids only have 2 days this week, Pat only has 3 and I have 4 WTH?????????? (This one is going to take a little bit to get over)
#7 Clean my house
#8 Take a great picture of my dc kids for my provider cards
#9 Take a great picture of my kids for family cards
#10 Did I metion clean the house and do laundry

I promise to write more often, it is just life is so busy and time is not something I have. Sometimes I can't write what I want to because my blog is public that is when I go back to my old fashion hand written journal.

OK on a side note it you are in Noblesville, Indiana and are looking for a place to try for dinner AVOID................. The Lake House Tavern on Hague Rd in Noblesville. You can Thank me later.

Also my tip of the day keep yourself up to date on everything, paper work, bills and documenting key facts about your dealings with people. Get everything in writing. Trust me it will pay off in the end especially if the other people you are dealing with sucks at keeping records.

In closing Have a Happy Thanksgiving ! I love and miss you all.
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