Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today is Tuesday!
Well we finally found the house we want and we are going to put a bid in on it!

We are soooooooo excited!
It is a foreclosure and it is a steal of a price
5bedrooms 2 1/2 baths
in a great neighborhood!!!

Today was cold! It has been cold for days and we are expecting a winter storm!

I hate winter and snow and cold!

PJ has ringworm YEAH!!!! NOT!!!!
He started meds tonight so he can wrestle this weekend!

Back to the snow......................
I hope we get a storm so the kids can stay home with me.
I love when they are home!!!

More pictures of the home

We are praying we get it.
I have wanted this house for  the past 4 months!
My kids would love this home.
Oh well we will see. If it is the Lord's will then the house will be ours.
Tomorrow is Wednesday more cold and another long difficult day!
My baby wrestles this weekend, I can't wait!!!!
I have the 2 best babies in the entire world. They are my reason for doing what I do!

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