Saturday, August 14, 2010

1st Weekend Back to School

1st Travel Soccer Game
1st Day of School
The Day before School the Zoo
My Babies!
My Babies!


Well a lot going on here mostly good but some stressful!
My greatest joy is life is having Skye and PJ as my kids.
I hate when they leave for school, I hate having them away from me.
Skye and PJ are my heart, soul and breath.
Each and everyday I love them more and more and more!
I just want to hold them in my arms 24/7.
I have cried everyday they have gone to school.
I need my children probably more then they need me.

Today was the 1st travel soccer game for PJ. PJ played awesome and his team won 3-2.
I get such joy watching my kids play sports , do music, do scouts, do just about anything.
I have the best kids in the entire world!
I have the best kids in the entire universe, I have the best kids anywhere.

I love my babies so much!
I know how it feels to have my heart walking outside my body do you?

Skye and PJ I love you more then words can ever say!
You have made me the happiest Mom in the world!
I love you!
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