Saturday, February 12, 2011


Friday 2/11/11 Aaron's and I entered into a contract to purchase an Amana Washing machine. It was delivered that Friday. Well being backed up on laundry I jumped right on it!
From the underneath it starts leaking well gushing is a better term! Called them asap, I was told by the GM a new one would be delivered on Saturday. I was cussed out and told I would have to wait until Monday!
I have never had such poor customer service in my entire life. I am sitting he with a washer that I can use and is leaking and now I have to wait until Monday between 10am-noon. My new home is being ruined, my son missed his soccer game because I was asked to wait for the delivery guy until 7:30pm and then I get a call I worked 60 hours this week I am going home.
I am so mad I am seeing fire!
Don't do business with Aaron's in Noblesville.
People I spoke to that lied to me, cussed at me and was just plain rude to me
Carlos the GM, Aaron the service manage, Brandon the delivery guy and Rachel the whatever she is. How rude! They breeched their contract, ruined my home, lied to me , made PJ miss his soccer game, and caused me a lot of stress to the point I am doubled over in pain.
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