Monday, February 14, 2011

Washer Update

Well today is Monday!

A little back info: I called, emailed, and blogged and facebooked everyone I could. I with through the Noblesville Chamber of comm. website and found the business listed. Well the email for the district manager was there so I emailed him not expecting much. Well to my surprise I get a call late Sunday evening. It was the dm. He was not happy and promised to take care of me. Bright and early this morning, the defective washer was removed and a better beautiful model was put in. The store manage delivered it. They ran an entire clothes cycle with me and I am happy.

Bottom line they made things right. We went the long route to get there but they wound up impressing me.

They sent me a new washer, knocked the price down, set it up perfectly, and sent over goodies for the kids.

I am very happy!
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