Sunday, April 10, 2011

H2O VAC Turbo Water Filtration System Vacuum Cleaner Review

The H2O Vac Turbo is a powerful bagless canister vacuum and air purifying water filtration system built to last a lifetime, yet lightweight enough to maneuver anywhere.

It cleans every surface in your home and sucks all the dirt and dust into its sealed aqua chamber, literally trapping it under water, so there are no flying dust particles.

The Aqua-force technology combined with its certified Hepa filter traps 99.97% of all the unwanted airborne dirt, dust and harmful allergens with super suction and continuous cleaning power.

The cleaner features a wet HEPA filter, strainer for water tank, telescopic handle, 7' flexible hose with 17" curved handle, speed and suction control, and a retractable cord.

It also includes a double usage head, squeegee head, small bristle sofa brush, small suction nozzle, adjustable crevice brush, three multi-sized nozzles and an attachments holder.

ETL listed.

Model # TR-223-002

This is my floor before:

This is the carpet after:

Pros: The pros of this vacuum :
1. it picks up very well
2. great suction
3. light weight
4. great tools

Cons: The cons of this vaccuum:

1. Power cord shorter then I am used to

2. Remembering to dump the water and putting it in

3. Awkward to pull

4. changing the tools is a little difficult

All in all this is a good vacuum for the time being. I would like to fit a vacuum that may better suit my needs.

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