Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hello blog followers!!
It has been a long time. I promise I will get back to deals, giveaways and mommy advice!
Life is semi-calm! I am content with many things in my life, and things
that should bother me are not.
Let's see things that have changed?????
Baby girl is a freshman in high school
and baby boy is in 6th grade (middle school)
and I am getting old!
We moved into a new big beautiful home.
Really enjoy it because it is calm.
Business is doing well!
I have discovered the art of being neurotic over a clean house!
PJ is playing for a new soccer team that just does not seem like the correct fit for all of us.
The parents are very stand-offish , the boys seem fine from what I could see.
PJ played a tournament with this team this weekend and he did not play up to
his ability! Also I hate the colors!
Really wishing for life to go to an even pace but I don't see that happening soon!
I will post some new pictures at the end of this post!
Last weekend Marsh triple coupon!! I was in heaven.
I followed that up by spending my Kohl's bucks ! Total bliss!
This week I got an unexpected $10 gift card from Wal-Mart for buying printer ink BONUS!!!
All in all we are having  ups and downs but as long as I have my kids and husband there is nothing
I can't handle!

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