Thursday, October 6, 2011


OK This sounds crazier then it really it but I love to tell this story only to show how in control of our own bodies we are even when we are right there.
October 6,1999 was the day my scheduled C-section with PJ was. Keep in mind I am not in labor, no where near it. I has a section wtih Skye and V-bacs were not the norm in 1999 in New Bern, NC.
Get to the hospital early in the morning we are going to have a baby boy!
In the surgery prep area getting nervous and very excited.
No in the entry to the surgery area, Patrick Sr is getting in his scrubs etc....
OK here we go we are now wheeled in the OR!!! Here we go
they put the bp cuff on, start the iv ok here we go.
In true Dena style.... I am not feeling this today I don't want to have my section today. Today is not the day he was to be born.
Keep in mind the 6th my ex-sister in laws birthday and my favorite dance teachers birthday was the 6th.
Nope Patrick Jr was not suppose to come today at least in my mind and it dawned on me in the OR.
I have an awesome OB, Dr  Morgan said ok you don't want to do it today let's reschedule.
So in the OR people looked at me like I had 12 heads but they understood.

PJ was not born 10/6/99.
So today we celebrate his almost birthday!
But on 10/14/99 PJ was born!

Ahhhh PJ ..................

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