Friday, October 11, 2013

HORMEL® REV® wraps to

At a family gathering some of us moms began discussing how teen boys are always hungry, and all they want is junk food. I remembered the Rev Wraps, and that I had coupons for them in my purse. I explained my Bzz Campaign, and told them that not only were the wraps convenient and nutritious, both my boys liked them! I also told them that they were well under $2,so with $1 off coupons they could try them practically risk free. I gave coupons to 3 moms, and I know that at least two of them bought them later that day because we shopped together! I heard from one later that she ate the wrap herself, and was surprised at the high quality of the meat. She said that they will be on her list next time she shops, and her kids may get to try them if she can stay out of them! I also heard from my daughter who I spoke to and gave a coupon when I first received them. She said that they love the meat and cheese, but weren't so crazy about the wrap. She plans to keep them in mind when shopping because they are a great way to get more protein into their diets.
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